Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We have a toddler on our hands, it's bitter-sweet really! On one hand it's so fun to see her grow, learn, and develop...but on the other hand it's SAD because my baby is growing up!!!

Her hair is getting longer...! :o)

This is Em with Steve and Becca Downs....Steve was one of Clark's mission companions

She started walking right after she turned 1, and has been on the move ever since!


Emma was a lucky gal and had two birthday was a family one with my family in Price. The other was a big friend party at our place! She was spoiled and was given a lot of great gifts :o)

Family party: Picnic, Presents, and Cake at the park


 Friend Party: Zoo Themed

The cutest birthday card from Em's neighbor friend Becca

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Today is our sweet little Emma's 1st birthday! I can't believe how fast time has flew seemed only yesterday when I was in the hospital holding our baby girl for the first time, and now she's ONE!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Princess! We LOVE YOU are so completely blessed to have you in our lives!

Monday, April 12, 2010

1st Park Experience....

Em had a BLAST during her 1st park experience! Of course, we (mommy and daddy) had her try all the toys at the park...her size didn't stand in her way by any means :o)
Her FAVORITE was the swing...!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


We had a great Easter weekend! We spent time in Price with my family, and enjoyed seeing my Auntie Coco who was visiting from Texas. We watched several movies, ate WAY too much food, and relaxed together :o)

On saturday we went to Goblin Valley...Clark had never been there and REALLY enjoyed it!

Emma had her 1st Easter this year, YAY! It was so fun to put together a little Easter basket for her, and also a surprise basket for Clark :o)

Thursday, March 11, 2010


So, it's been a while since I posted last :o)
Life's been busy! Okay- not really, I've just been lazy!

About us recently:

*Emma is now 9 months old....holy cow!!!!! (still can't believe it, if you can't tell)
She's grown so much, but still is a petite little thing. She started crawling at 8 months, and has now discovered how to climb stairs- it's now time to get the gate out, bah!

*We moved to Orem at the begining of the year! We have LOVED it here. We already had some friends living here, and we've made some awesome new friends as well. Our new ward is great, there's a lot of younger couples with kids. One of the best parts about moving to Orem is that our rent is pretty much half of what it used to be in SLC :o)

*We bought a new front loader washer and dryer with some of our tax return money, YIPEEE! Very much needed.

*Emma now has 2 teeth, and a few on the way. She's discovered how to bite too, ugh! lol.

*Now that Em is mobile, she follows me around everywhere I go...and when she's upset/tired she'll come crawling at me crying "mamamamama"

*Clark turned the big 25 on Feb 5th....we celebrated by going to dinner at Tepenyaki-Japanese Steak House and we had a bunch of friends over to eat his favorite peanut butter chocolate pie.

*We've had a lot of vistors come see us since we moved to Orem...friends and family, it's been great! (KEEP ON COMIN')

Monday, December 14, 2009


I decided to try a few new things for fun and to make a little extra $ while I stay home with Emma.

The 1st thing I've started doing is selling Avon(don't laugh at me)! In the past, I will admit, I've thought that Avon was just a company for old ladies and basically only sold expensive make-up: FALSE! Actually, Avon has a lot of really cool products, can be for all ages, and is pretty affordable. Yes, a majority of their products are cosmetics, but they also have a lot of other things you should check out on my website! They always have a lot of good deals going on, and a couple times a year they do a special where if you buy anything at all that is pink, then they donate ALL of the proceeds to breast cancer awareness!(really awesome)

To visit my personally website, go to:
You can order things directly from that website, and they can be shipped right to your door :o)

The 2nd thing I've started doing is selling home-made bows and headband. I absolutely love making them for Emma, so I thought I would try making/selling them for others as well!

You can check out my sweet little bow business at: